Google Pay to Start Launch On Gold Investment Plans in INDIA

Google Pay the search giant’s digital transactions company in India is planning to launch gold investment plans for its user. Even though this feature was not announced formally as yet, an updated clause in the company’s terms and conditions page...

/ 2019-11-14

Top Five Most Popular Sports In India

India is a very diverse place full of different people and cultures. Sports is one of the activities that binds together this multi-cultured country, with cricket leading the way as the nation’s favorite sport. Aside from cricket, there are many...

/ 2019-09-24

3 Must-see Indian Temples

With its beautiful landscapes, fascinating history and first-class cuisine, India has something to offer just about everyone, making it the perfect destination for travellers. So if you’re itching for a get away from Mackay, but can’t decide where to go,...

/ 2019-09-13

Sectors Where India is Going to See Massive Improvements by the Year 2020

India is a developing country with massive opportunities across multiple industries. The nation has managed to nurture a good number of small entrepreneurs inside the country, as well as successfully ushering in foreign investments from multiple sectors. On that note,...

/ 2019-09-08

Meet 3 Influential Women Of Madras in History

History never fails to impress us, when we are clueless about certain significant elements we cherish now. Thanks to Historian Nivedita Louis. Chennaiites embarked and enjoyed the journey of Women from Madras, who stamped their name in the history. Have...

/ 2018-07-30
Chandra Shekhar Azad

Remembering Chandra Shekhar Azad – Facts And Biography

If Yet Your blood does not rage, Then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flush of youth, If it is not of service to the motherland. Today India Celebrates Chandra Shekhar Azad’s birth anniversary...

/ 2018-07-23
indian Historical Palaces

7 Indian Historical Palaces turn into performance areas

A friend always keeps saying:   If I start visiting every tourist location in India, it will take you years to finish.   And we see the truth in his statement. India is a land of rich history and vivid...

/ 2018-07-21

12 Mysterious Haunted Places In Kolkata

Kolkata is the city full of joy, colors, festivals but it does have dark secrets and mysteries. Every city has this dark side where unsolved mysteries, paranormal activities occur. Today we will talk about haunted places in Kolkata. Mysterious Haunted...

/ 2018-06-11

“Appeasing Radha” First Erotic Poem By Woman, Muddupalani

Muddupalani Was a Telugu Devadasi Poet Who wrote various Erotic Poems. She was attached to the court of Maratha king of Tanjore, Pratap Singh. She was the first Indian Female Poet who talked openly about eroticism. About Poet Muddupalani Muddupulani...

/ 2018-06-03
facts about india

Top 5 Astonishing Facts About India

There will be many mysterious facts about India if you keep on digging because India is land of full of mysteries as once you start to dig in you will never know what you gonna discover in the process, Therefore we...

/ 2018-05-05