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India is full of mystery and ancient traditions which is still followed by larger part of the population. Let’s not neglect the fact that other part of population influenced heavily by the western culture to cope up with the current pace of information technology. In this space lets discuss scientific and Vedic reasons why Indians eat with their hands.

The Vedic Reason

Ayurveda Plays the vital role and incorporated in our day-to-day life as there are reasons in Ayurveda explains hands are the most precious organs of action. Each finger has spiritual significance namely Fire, Air, Space, Earth, Water. i.e Agni, Varun, Akash, Prithvi, Jal. 

Each Finger Has their own Vedic elements,

Thumb finger connects to Agni (Fire).
Index finger connects to Varun (Air).
Middle finger connects to Akash (Space).
Ring finger connects to Prithvi (Earth).
Little finger connects to Jal (Water).

We have also explained The Scientific Reasons behind OM Mantra.

The Benefits

As Above, We have discussed the Vedic facts why Indians eat with their hands, In spite of the fact there are various proven benefits too which are states as follows,

  • Improved Digestion: According to Article in the tribune, Eating with hands does help in improving our digestion because of the fact that our hands have some bacteria named ”Normal Flora” which can be found on the palms and fingers of our hands which is not harmful but protect us from various damaging microbes in the environment. When we eat with our hands we swallowed flora which is very helpful for our various body parts such as the mouth, throat, and intestine, and it promotes healthy digestion in the gut.
  • Avoids over-eating: According to the article in spoon university, When we eat with our hands we usually eat slower which does help you to digest whatever you eat which does make you eat less rather eating with cutlery. Many recent studies show eating with your hands make you eat less and digest faster.
  • Prevent Diseases like Type 2 Diabetes: Its True, Studies shows Type 2 Diabetes are tend to eat faster than others which causes imbalance in blood sugar in the body. Therefore to prevent that, eating with hands make them to eat slower which does help in prevention of such diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Hygienic Benefits: Eating with your hands are more hygienic than eating with utensils with the simple fact that you wash your hands multiple times a day rather than utensils which you wash once a day which causes some hygienic problems.

These are some reasons why you should eat with your hands also stated Vedic/Scientific reason why Indians eat with their hands.

Sources : GuruPrasadTribune – SpoonUniversity



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