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Buddhism is a religion that began in ancient India more than 2500 years ago. The teachings of Buddhism were imparted by Siddhattha Gotama who was believed to be born into a royal family and came to reject materialism and a privileged lifestyle. He went on a spiritual quest and discovered a path to enlightenment about the human condition and how to improve it. He then became a teacher on the subject.

Gotama or the Buddha lived and taught mostly in the northeastern part of India.  Gautama is believed by Buddhists to be an enlightened teacher who attained full Buddhahood and shared his insights to help others end their suffering and find calm. His life and teachings were recorded during and after his death by his followers. These teachings were passed down by oral tradition initially, and committed to writing about 400 years later.

For the past 2500 years his teachings have spread throughout the world. So whether you live in a mountain top village in Switzerland, a desert abode in Mexico or are staying at a beach hotel in Mykonos Greece like, you are sure to have had an encounter with the religion or some of its practitioners.

 Why this ancient religion started in a small area of India has come to be practiced by almost 1 billion people worldwide owes to its ability to provide spiritual guidance, comfort, and relief to many people around the world. Here are some of the specific reasons why Buddhism is such a popular religion.

Family History

Like with all religions most people who are Buddhists are because their family practices the religion. The biggest Buddhists groups are in India, China, Japan and Thailand and these groups are leading the growth in terms of new Buddhists.  Like any religion, most Buddhist folks received the religion from their parents.

Buddhism is Practical

Buddhism is not big on praying and faith. It focuses on practical things for you do that will show noticeable improvements in you rife. The teachings are simple to understand and claim to be able to create calm, good feelings and a sense of control over your life and feelings.

Mental and Emotional Support

Buddhist teachings have a foundation in being a good person and doing the right things and leading your life in a balanced way that does not focus on material things or dominating others. This fundamental idea maintains that balance, modesty, restraint kindness and compassion are in are control and that in choosing them, we make things better. Buddhism also teaches that anyone can develop these qualities.

Buddhism Does Not Ask You to Reject Other Religions

Buddhists believe that all true spiritual teachings have the same foundations and as such they are all teaching the same messages. Buddhism is simply one approach to imparting these messages. For this reason no other spirituality is rejected Buddhism simply adds to all others as all others add to Buddhism.

Buddhism is often called the scientific religion because it does not clash with basic science. In fact it reinforces much of it. As society continues to turn toward science as a way to plain things Buddhism becomes more relevant and popular.

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