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Prahlad Jani, a holy man in India claims that he didn’t eat or drink for 70 years and lives without any kind of food or water. He cleaim that he was blessed by holy goddess, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance. But who is going to believe that right? Medical science tells us that human beings rarely survive more than a week without water, and a couple of months at most without food. How this person could survive all these years without essential minerals and water?

Challenged to prove that he could survive without food or water, in 2003 he underwent his first hospital investigations for six days. Then in 2010, a team of 35 researchers all from the Indian Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and other organizations observed and tested the old man Prahlad Jani from April 22nd until May 6th 2010. The yogi was under  24-hour observation in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad. Two cameras have been set up in his room, while a mobile camera films him when he goes outside, guaranteeing round-the-clock observation. Since the experiment began on April 22, Jani has had no food or water and has not been to the toilet.

The only contact with any form of liquid that Jani had was when he had an occasional bathing session, which first took place on the fifth day of examination; it was then when he would gargle some water. His toilet was also sealed to check the truth of his claims that he did not urinate or defecate. All his medical test results revealed no anomalies and doctors described his health status as being extremely good. This tells us that the claim is correct, and this man has really some kind of un-natural power.

ABC News reports:

“We studied him for 15 days with him taking no water or food,” Dr. Sudhir Shah told ABC News. Shah said that Jani gargled water and took baths, but consumed nothing. While thin, Jani is healthy, doctors said. “Somebody doesn’t take water for seven or eight days he surely dies,” Shah said.

Attending a press conference at the Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad, he said:

“I am fit and strong today and even the doctors agree. They ran every test possible for 15 days and proved that I do not need food to keep me strong. I am strong and healthy, because it is the way God wants me to be.”

Prahlad Jani claims that he has left his home at the age of seven, searching for spiritual mystery, and at the age of eleven years, he underwent a religious experience during which he became a follower of the Hindu goddess Amba. Mr Jani believes that the goddess has sustained him ever since by feeding him with a lifegiving, invisible ‘elixir’, which has supposedly given him the strength to continue without food or water. For at least the past 40 years, Jani has been living, hermit-like, in a cave in the jungles close to the Gujarati temple of Ambaji. He rises at 4 am, spending most of the day meditating.

So what is the explanation for his ability to endure such privations? No one knows for sure.

Military scientists drawn from India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation believe that Mr Jani could hold the key to understanding how humans can be taught to survive for long periods without sustenance.

This is still un-solved mystery, and the researchers are still evaluating Jani’s situation to learn more about how the body functions without food. ‘It is possible that it will be able to help save human lives during natural disasters, high altitude, sea journeys and other natural and human extremities,’ said a spokesman for the team.

Jani is not the first person to be tested with such claims. Another Indian man, was also tested for 411 days intensively after he claimed that he did not eat any food. But the later consumed boiled water, during his 411 day observation. It was truly confirmed that he did not eat during the period and yet his health was perfect.

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