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What may have started off as a basic shelter for monks in ancient times; caves that were crudely cut into the rocks of the hills in Ellora, near Aurangabad, slowly paved way for the extravagant architecture that we see today in Ellora caves. The people of three religions; namely Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism coexisted peacefully when they came to these caves, which slowly grew in importance.

Today, there are roughly 30 rock cut caves that can be found in Ellora. These caves are divided into 3 segments which belong to 3 of the above mentioned religions. These caves have their own distinguished architecture, and each of them has got exquisite carvings. Though there is a sense of bliss when one beholds this ancient site, there is also an air of mystery. People have tried to prove and debunk many theories revolving around these caves.

One such group of enthusiasts has created this video, which actually questions, with many valid points, whether or not an ancient city existed under these caves. Watch as they try and unravel the mystery themselves. Mind you…you may just be convinced by their evidence!

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I love India! It's so mysterious.

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