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Archeologists Stumble across ruins of a Forgotten Civilization in Mizoram

Archaeologists Stumble across ruins of a Forgotten Civilization in Mizoram

In an incredible discovery, archaeologists from India have come across ruins of a ‘Great Forgotten Civilization’ in Mizoram.

/ 2016-04-04
Caste System in India

Caste System originated during Gupta dynasty: Study

When did caste become the dominant norm for ethnic communities of a region? 70 generations ago, or nearly 1,500 years ago.

/ 2016-03-18
A sandstone statue of Rishabhanata, from Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, India, in the 10th century A.D., flanked by a pair of attendants. It is valued at approximately $150,000

1,000-year-old Stolen Indian statues recovered from New York auction house

The two sandstone statues—Stele of Rishabhanata and Revanta—are valued at about $150,000 and $300,000 respectively.

/ 2016-03-16
An Ancient Hindu temple that is getting demolished in Pakistan

Ancient Hindu temple in Peshawar being ‘secretly’ demolished

An ancient Hindu temple in this northwestern Pakistani city is being demolished secretly in the name of repair with a commercial plaza set to come up on its land. The process began 10 days ago and is going on without any...

/ 2016-02-28
buddhist pillar found under temple

Ancient Buddhist relics found under temple in Andhra Pradesh

The discovery was made when temple authorities were renovating the buttressed compound wall.

/ 2016-01-22
Seven Ancient Buddhist Caves Discovered In Mumbai

Seven Ancient Buddhist Caves Discovered In Mumbai

The caves are older than the Kanheri ones and were possibly built for sheltering monks in the monsoon.

/ 2016-01-21
The ape-army building the bridge of Rama

6th-century Ramayana discovered in Kolkata library, stuns scholars

The new 6th century Ramayana discovered at a Sanskrit library in Kolkata has the potential to widen our understanding of this Indian epic.

/ 2016-01-03
A 2,500-Year-Old City Unearthed Near Madurai

A 2,500-Year-Old City Unearthed Near Madurai

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) recently dug out one of the largest human settlements of Sangam Age known so far.

/ 2015-11-14
Kohinoor Daimond

British Queen likely to face legal challenge over Kohinoor

Legal action has been taken against Queen Elizabeth by a group of Indians over the Kohinoor diamond alleging it was stolen from India.

/ 2015-11-09
800-Year-Old Jain Inscription

800-Year-Old Jain Inscription Uncovered in India

An 800-year-old inscription detailing a donation during the Hoysala Regime has been discovered in Arattipura, India. This find is thought to be a very important discovery for researchers interested in Jainism, as it may provide evidence for an older Jain...

/ 2015-11-06